Our Centre

Central Gardens Childcare is an early learning centre, with trained educators who are focused on helping to develop your child during their early years. We provide a stimulating environment focusing on individual interests, which includes modern facilities for expanding their learning ability.

Modern Facilities

Central Gardens Childcare is a purpose-built facility that was designed with first-class child care in mind. Our indoor areas are air-conditioned to offer comfort during the warmer months.
Our outdoor areas are well shaded, providing shelter from the sun during the warmest part of the day. We also have a range of open-ended equipment available for the children to climb and slide on. The playground surface has been covered with Softfall, a synthetic impact-absorbing surface, to protect your child from injuries in the event of a fall.

Educational Equipment

When it comes to education, Central Gardens Childcare is a perfect stepping-stone into lifelong learning experiences. Our centre is designed to promote hands-on education, utilising technology as well as knowledgeable educators and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).
The interactive learning centre is equipped with computers, iPads and a large interactive TV. We also have a range of educational books and toys available for our children to use. Central Gardens has a collection of reptiles for the children to explore and help care for in their playrooms.

Nutritious Meals

Central Gardens Childcare takes the nutritional needs of your child seriously and we ensure that any food provided for your child is appropriate for their age and needs. Mr. Joe and the rest of the staff ensure there is always an abundance of fruit available for snacks.
Central Gardens aims to ensure that children are offered foods and beverages throughout the day that are appropriate for their nutritional and specific dietary requirements.

Security Features

Our centre has been equipped with modern security features to ensure the safety of your child. We have security coded access control on the building, to safeguard against unauthorised entry. We also have a number of surveillance cameras throughout the centre and playground areas. Our outdoor area is surrounded by a high fence, so your child is unable to wander away from the grounds.
During the day, all children are supervised by our educators and made to feel secure within their surroundings. We understand that adequate supervision and attention is vital to protect your child.